When purchasing a home in 2016, we had no idea we would land here. Here is an 8 acre farm, where we’re reverting back to simple routines, hardwork and fruitful bounty. What began as an idea morphed into reviving this 1930s farm back into working order under the new name Henstooth Homestead. From the wood shop original to the property, comes handcrafted home decor and custom woodworking by Wiley Concepts.

This little slice of internet is intended to share our journey as we’ve been given the opportunity to learn, grow, do good and better our lives and those we share it with.

Kendra & Rich

When it comes to Wiley and the Homestead, most items are “designed by the pretty one, built by the bearded one”. We’ll leave it to you to decide who’s who.

Kendra’s background in web and marketing puts her behind the scenes on all things digital, and usually the face of pop-ups and markets around the state. Yet, she’s no stranger to hard work as you’ll often find her gathering and preserving their annual harvest in her farm essential, camo muck boots.

Rich comes from a world of carpentry and is the foundation to Wiley Concepts. He is also the resident magician turning the impossible into functioning items – not only for their clients, but as they continue to grow their self-sustaining farm.

Roscoe & The Chickens

There’s no doubt you’ll meet Roscoe, our Australian Shepard when stopping by. Not only is he protector of the farm, but people greeter as well. He is a lover of any and all attention, car rides and Starbucks pup cups.

Chickens are a staple of the farm. Depending on the season we have rangers & boilers free ranging. When they’re not trying to cross the road, they’re in the garden hunting worms while we plant. Our egg-layers are friendly, and will pose for the occasional photo but you can guarantee everyone will come running for a treat.

More animals planned for next spring!