Blueberry Journey: All Hands

How did you transplant your blueberries? Lots of hard work and persistence. We can honestly say we’ve never done something so mentally and physically demanding. And not just for a few hours, for full days. The backhoe arrived as scheduled and Rich got to work learning...

A Letter To Our Homestead 2017

An open letter to our homestead, not as much for you as it is for us. After the blueberry series, we needed a little time to reflect on not only our goals for the new year ahead, but more importantly to recognize all that we’ve accomplished this year. It’s easy to get...

Foraging For Greens

The natural look of orange garland and foraged wreaths seems to be a frugal holiday trend this year. While we’re not usually ones to follow, I loved the idea of wandering our property to collect items to decorate our home. Foraging for Greens I thought we had a pretty...

Henstooth Homestead

Seasonal Operation

Currently Operating A Self-Serve Stand

Distance To Visit!

17 Miles From South Haven (20 Minutes)

27 Miles From Kalamazoo (30 Minutes)

52 Miles From Grand Rapids (55 Minutes)